Where to buy

Bestwood Pure Tung OilFrom us!

We will happily provide you with Tung Oil direct from our Factory near Nottingham under our ‘Bestwood’ brand, in any quantity from 250ml to 1000 litres. If you would like to buy Tung Oil, we would like to supply you!

We have been supplying trade and industrial customers since 2002.

We only use the best quality grade one amber Tung Oil – see our clear containers.

Please email us for details at sales@tungoil.co.uk or telephone 0115 963 4396 during the working week (Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5pm for us!).

On the High Street

Tung Oil can be bought from independent decorators merchants on the high street, supplied by a number of recognized brands. Unfortunately we do not supply our Tung Oil to decorators merchants ourselves because we do not employ representatives to sell our products.

Note: Care should be taken when buying Tung Oil to establish that it is Pure Tung Oil. Products that ‘contain’ Tung Oil may also contain vegetable oils, which cost less, large amounts of solvent, and chemical preservatives and dryers.

It can be difficult to find Tung Oil products stocked at the large DIY ‘sheds’. It may be because their buyers don’t understand why it can’t be made cheaper every year!

We do not make our Tung Oil products for anyone else. If it isn’t sold as Bestwood Tung Oil, it isn’t ours.

On amazon/ebay.

We also supply our Bestwood Pure Tung Oil through ebay and amazon, please search for ‘Bestwood Tung Oil’. We only select and import the finest Pure Tung Oil direct from China, and we don’t supply any other manufacturer.