Bestwood Teak Wood Oil, UV, 1 Litre


teak oil 1L can




Bestwood Teak Wood Oil (Teak Oil).

With UV protection.

Uses a combination of Pure Tung Oil and the finest Boiled Linseed Oil. The addition of Linseed Oil provides a glossier finish, giving a traditional ‘varnished’ type appearance after application, without using artificial varnish or resins.

Teak Wood Oil is often used on exterior hardwood garden furniture, including teak, but it is suitable for use on all wood inside and out, including doors, gates, skirting boards etc.

Teak Wood Oil is designed to penetrate deep into the pores of the wood, nourishing and protecting, before sealing and providing a long-lasting water resistant barrier.

Teak Wood Oil has added broad-range ultraviolet light (UV) absorbers and free radical scavengers, to give proven extra protection to both the wood and the oil from the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight.

Teak Wood Oil is naturally water, food, and alcohol resistant.

Some other benefits of Teak Wood Oil are:

  • It contains over 50% solids, you get much more for your money than some other well known Teak Oils.
  • It will not crack, chip or flake.
  • Higher solids means fewer coats, typically our Teak Wood Oil will do the same in 2 to 3 coats that you would need 4 or 5 coats for elsewhere.
  • Dries in 4-6 hours.
  • It is very easy to apply with a cotton cloth or a brush.
  • It has a very low odour when drying, and none when dry.
  • It is naturally water-resistant, yet microporous to water vapour allowing the wood to ‘breathe’.

Exterior Surface Preparation.

Extra care needs to be taken with exterior surfaces before oiling to make sure they are clean and free of any mould dirt, dust, grime etc. Aged or ‘grey’ timber should be sanded back to clean ‘bright’ wood to remove all loose layers of cells which have been damaged through weathering. Previously painted or varnished surfaces should be stripped back to bare wood and lightly sanded.

Teak Wood Oil is not a wood preservative. Oak, softwoods, and aged timber can be prone to weather staining due to the growth in damp conditions of mould spores carried in the air or naturally present in the bare wood before oiling. Use of a proprietory wood preservative before  oiling is good practice. Make sure the preservative is completely dry before proceeding. Exposed locations, end grain and areas close to the ground or ‘splash’ areas may need extra coats to make sure the wood is thoroughly protected by the oil. These areas may need more regular maintenance to ensure continued protection. Wherever possible, to help reduce the possibility of staining or mould growth, wood should be sited or designed to ‘shed’ standing water. Teak Wood Oil is not suitable for wood immersed in water.

The moisture content of wood should be less than 20%


Apply Teak Wood Oil with a clean lint-free cloth or a good quality brush, working well into the wood and finishing in the direction of the grain.

Work well into joints (a small paintbrush or artists brush can often help here with application and removal of excess oil) and pay particular attention to top and bottom areas, the undersides of cills, hrizontal surfaces, exposed endgrain, and any other areas where water is likely to be absorbed or enter through capillary action. If there is any grain raising lightly sand after the first coat if required.

Leave 20-30 minutes then wipe all excess oil from the surface after each coat to avoid surface build up and gummy residues.

For best results on new wood four  coats are recomended. In particularly exposed areas more coats may be required.

To avoid the possibility of water spotting or surface ‘bloom’, and to ensure proper performance, Teak Wood Oil should not be applied during damp or cold weather, and should be kept free of condensation or rain for at least 48 hours after application.


Teak Wood Oil should be applied regularly (one or two coats once or twice a year is recommended, more in exposed areas) to maitain maximum protection and help prevent the wood drying out.


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