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Where to use

Pure Chinese Tung Oil is easy to work with and maintain, it is extremely versatile and can be used on almost any wooden surface, including interior and exterior furniture, hardwood floors, skirting boards, gates, children’s play areas, kitchen worktops, musical instruments and food preparation areas etc.

Tung Oil is naturally water, food and alcohol resistant. It is safe for food contact when dry and can be used for salad bowls and chopping boards.

Tung Oil is easy to maintain. Re-application of one or two thin coats once a year will keep wood looking naturally ‘fresh’. Damaged or scratched areas can easily be maintained by reapplication of Tung Oil.

Tung Oil is suitable for use with exterior oak and teak.


Surface preparation is important for the success of any project. Ensure surfaces are clean and dry. Any dirt and grease should be removed from the surface with a good quality white spirit or other form of de-greasing agent. For aged wood, sand to a smooth, clean and ‘bright’ surface and wipe with white spirit to remove any dust or debris; the prepared surface will then be ready for a fresh coating of Tung Oil.

Applying Tung Oil

Application of Tung Oil finish

Tung Oil is best applied with a lint-free cloth (e.g. T-shirt material). It may also be applied with a good quality brush. The first two coats of Tung Oil should be allowed to penetrate fully before adding further coats. For new wood the first two coats of Tung Oil should be thinned up to 50% with white spirit, as this aids absorption, and should be applied liberally and evenly. When using a cloth, use a circular or figure of eight pattern to work into the wood, and apply until the wood stops absorbing. Allow to penetrate for 20-30 minutes before wiping off any excess with a lint-free cloth in the direction of the grain. The third and subsequent coats should be applied unthinned. For both interior and exterior wood 3-5 coats are recommended.

Tung oil naturally has a matt to low-sheen finish, which can be buffed slightly with a very fine grade (000) wire wool. Care should be taken when using wire wool on oak, as any fibres left behind can react with the wood causing staining.

Maintainence and Repair

Tung oil finish is very easy to maintain and repair. Most knocks, minor scuffs, cup and pan rings and stains from spills such as wine can be removed by gently sanding the affected area and re-applying more Tung oil, which will blend in with the original finish.


Tung Oil will cover about 10-15 square metres per litre depending on porosity, surface texture, and thickness applied.

Drying Time

Tung oil is a natural product and has no added driers. Allow 24 hours between coats. A thick coat will take up to 3 days to dry.

Important: Tung oil will bring out the natural colour of the wood. Always test the product on an inconspicuous area to ensure satisfaction.

Tung oil on an oak chopping block

An Example, Using Tung Oil On Oak.

Below are pictured two boards cut from the same ‘scrap’ offcut of oak worktop, rejected due to knots and splits in the timber. The one on the right has been simply prepared and treated with tung oil. You can see how the tung oil has highlighted the grain in the oak and brought out its natural warmth and beauty, without putting an artificial finish or gloss on the wood.

Tung OIl on an Oak Board




The boards were cut by hand from a single oak worktop offcut using a low cost saw from a local independent DIY shop. Edges were rounded off on the board on the right using a coarse half round file. The board was sanded using 100 grit aluminium oxide paper. Total preparation time less than one hour.

Tung Oil was applied in four coats to the board on the right. The first two coats were thinned 50% with Bestwood Greensol White Spirit Replacement Solvent (ordinary white spirit would do). The last two coats were applied unthinned. Each coat was applied liberally, rubbing with a lint-free rag and allowing the coating to penetrate to seal and protect the wood. Any excess oil was wiped off 30 minutes after application. Total preparation time 10 minutes each day over four days. The board was left to dry completely for a few days before use as a chopping board.